Industrial Ecology Research Lab (IERL) – Current Students


Alena Raymond

Amy Lee

  • climate change impacts of land use and transportation policies
  • multidisciplinary performance metrics of urban systems
  • urban metabolism
Arash Saboori

  • life cycle assessment of transportation infrastructure
  • policy analysis of statewide strategies for reduction of transportation greenhouse gas emissions
  • allocation of environmental impacts of recycled materials in construction projects
Bethany Robinson

  • life cycle assessment of agricultural systems
  • analysis of life cycle assessment methodology of covered and protected crop systems
Elias Marvinney

  • greenhouse gas footprinting and impact assessment of orchard production systems
  • perennial crop agroecology
  • biomass energy production
  • environmental policy development
Hanjiro Ambrose (Team Lead)

  • material and environmental burdens of electric vehicle traction batteries
  • emissions performance of grid-tied electric vehicles
  • second-life of EV traction batteries
  • energy and transportation system modeling
Huijing Deng

  • production chain analysis on rare earth elements
  • static and dynamic lifecycle-based and material flow analysis of neodymium and dysprosium

James Tipton

  • Environmental life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analysis of geotechnical infrastructure systems
  • Evaluation and review of bio-mediated and bio-inspired geotechnics

Jin Wook Ro

  • life cycle assessment of biofuel production process
  • techno-economic assessment of biofuel production process
  • chemical and biological process for sustainable energy sources
Sherry Blunk

  • agricultural residues and waste streams into energy and value-added products   
  • energy and mass balances for low-/non-soil plant growth substrates
  • coproduct allocation issues for biomass and zero-waste systems
Soraya del Pilar Manzor

  • modeling and analyzing water and energy systems
  • energy intensity assessment of urban water systems
  • economic evaluation of energy savings

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